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Sir is your trigger like the second vid? if so- the flat bar the trigger mounts to has a single allen holding it to the gun,like a little wheel or cam on bottom of the block.(do not monkey paw it),very fine and few 3-4 threads in hole,There is a slight bit of adjustment(wiggle room) on how that sits on the cam,like a teeter totter Make a few reference marks( sharpie)loosen both adjustment allens first till 1- thread showing-in gap- little allen 2- threads big allen and see if -at rest (loose)u can make it lay a bit more horizontal to the block,a degree or [email protected] most .. you need to make sure the safety Allen clears on engagement and (works)when cocked,after this- before loading gun.I had a simmilar issue. except mine came loose at the point described ..and in snugging it back up- changed all my adjustments.and had to start over.really a crisp second stage NOW not possible before accidental loosening. used put it back together. Thanks Ernest !