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“Deja”Also yea matt didn’t hold back on the galahad review. Would not buy is the verdict i got from it. 
The reg is good but no where near Fx standard, and there was quite a bit of sound coming from that gun. Cocking lever didn’t convince. 
Worst part for me is that it was heavy, if you want a pup then its because you want something smaller to walk around with. 

Well, I was just thinking that for $1500 or whatever, it should be damn near perfect. The rotary cocking, I was open-minded for, but not if it is high effort. The thing about side lever cocking is that one is pulling back the hammer spring against one’s shoulder, instead of having to support the gun with equal force to keep from pushing it down, in the case of the rotary cocking.

Agreed on the declining power regulator and ineffective shroud.

The weight is not such a big deal to me, since as a bullpup, it is distributed better than it would be on a rifle, and they DO make a shorter, lighter version in the short version.

They have a lot riding on this. I’m sure they’ll get it worked out very quickly and get Matt an updated review sample soon, so that the whole airgunning world knows they fixed it. :)

I guess I need to watch Matt’s review again, as I did not come away with the same conclusion.