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“Saltlake58”I have the Gen 2 .22 Marauder.  Very accurate at 25 yards.  Just haven’t stretched it further to tell at this point.  The barrel problems were Gen 1 from what I understand.  I get 40 to 50 shots per fill before accuracy drops.  I bought new, from Pyramid air with the pump.  Pump was a waste, bought air tanks shortly after.

I’m a lousy shot, and was able to put 10 shot groups at 25 yard smaller than a quarter.  No flyers.

Barrel problem was addressed.  

When you buy, check the prices using the 25% off coupon, AGNATION in the banner above.  That means that $540 Marauder from Crosman is $405.  Big difference.  Friday is free shipping. That saves another $18

I would prefer the regulated version.  That will take an already good rifle and make it better.  

I’m a firm believer in the Gen 2 Marauder. Upgrade barrel not needed.

Negatives – long, heavy.
Pluses – accurate, shoots Crosman Premier Domes (inexpensive ammunition) extremely well.  

While I want an Impact for my next gun, which is several years away, the Marauder is an excellent shooter.

Thanks for sharing that Crosman does free shipping on Fridays. I didn’t know they do that.