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If you are looking to use a pump, and don’t mind a single shot, try the Benjamin Maximus.  It’s only a 2000 PSI fill.  The Marauder, and most other guns are a 3000 PSI fill, and I’ve used a pump on my Marauder.  That last 500 PSI is a real bear.  You get your work out and really makes shooting a chore. 

​The gun shoots well, but might need a moderator.  The TK Moderators go for around $54 shipped.  It’s a good starter gun to get you going.  Reviews are excellent so far.

​Maximus comes in .22.  Retail is around $220, Pyramid Air sells for $200-ish.  If you use the Crosman 25% off code AGNATION, it’s $165 on Crosman’s site and on Friday’s shipping is free. 

​The pump retails for $190. so $45 off makes it $145.

Moderator – $54
Pump $145
Maximus – $165
tin of pellets $10

​Now for sights – if you put a scope on it, use good glass.  That’ll probably cost more than the gun!

​Anyway, you can be shooting with open sights for under $400 with a nice backyard friendly gun that works well with a pump.  Gotta warn ya, that last 500 PSI fill on the marauder is a real bear.

​So, your requirements are:
1) I expect to be using a pump so I am looking for something that works well with a pump –
      Yes, 2000 PSI Maximus works well with a pump
2) I would prefer a lighter rather than heavier rifle or pistol [needs to be less than 10 lbs with scope and mounts – 70 year old eyes make a scope a requirement].
​      5 pounds for the gun plus whatever scope you want
3) Strong preference for a rifle/pistol with traditional looks… bull pups do not appeal to me
​     Traditional style.  Synthetic stock, but nice look.
4) Primarily a paper shooter but I won’t rule out the occasional squirrel or varmint
​    Works well for both
5) I would like to stay under $1000 for the package [gun, pump, scope, mounts – the further under the better without sacrificing quality too much]
      About $375 plus the scope
6) Backyard friendly
​      Moderator makes it really back yard friendly
7) I’m OK with buying used
​      Haven’t seen any on the used market yet, this one’s new.
9) I prefer .22 caliber but .177 or maybe even .25 would work
​      Comes in .22, or .177, also comes in the tuned down European versions making them even quieter. 
10) I want a gun that is good right out of the box. I don’t have the skills or desire to do a lot of tinkering
     You can tinker with these, but not needed other than sighting the scope.

​Downside to the Maximus – with the moderator it will be long.  The bolt pull will be heavy as you are compressing a spring around 10 pounds, and the trigger is mediocre.  About a 4 pound pull.  Hey, it’s a $165 gun, so you do compromise in places.  But it is accurate and shoots the inexpensive ammunition well, Crosman Premier Domes at around $10 for 500

​Lastly, I do prefer a magazine, but the Maximus is strictly a single shot.  No mag available.

​Do some research on your short list of guns and see what comes up.  Good luck whatever you choose.