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My ban from the range was finally over today (banned by my physician due to damaging my ears the last time I was there). I also received some MSA hearing protection, so I’m doubling up with foam now.

Something went really wacky today. The last time I was at the range, the gun was shooting really well. Today, not so much. The vast majority of pellets were either near-flyers, or flyers. I did find a lot of skirt damage in the tin, so I opened a fresh can. Same issue with them, but the skirts looked good.

Then I decided to hand-load each pellet. Low and behold, things were back to normal. I have two magazines, and both had the issue. Can anyone tell me why this is happening when everything was honky-dory just a few weeks ago? The only thing I did to the gun while on break was lube the breach o-ring with silicone.

Anyway, here’s the results of today’s cards, and I would appreciate some guidelines regarding scoring. Be gentle, I’m a complete newbie. Ignore the “2016” date. I’m senile, and still can’t get it right.
Vulcan 5,5
JSB Jumbo Heavy Diablo 18,1g straight out of the tin
25 meters

Here’s the second card:

And here is the first card: