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Looks like a worthy ‘royale 2′ I guess! And lots of great features.

Still pity about that huge magazine sticking up, and honestly don’t know what to make about the interchangeable twist… barrel length I get- sacrifice length for air efficiency etc. but twist rate? Hasn’t the whole sing song song been about the low/’just enough’ twist rate vs other barrels? Consider all of Matt Dubbers videos on them.

Regardless, if it is interchangeable chokes, that’s going to be tough to get right without the joint shaving chunks of lead off pellets and tiny mal-alignments unless there are machining tolerances at the level of the milbro metisse. And if it is just quick change barrels, that they’ve done already and are just refining/renaming it. Also, I have yet to see anybody really make use of it beyond finding their favorite one and sticking with it. The other barrels end up as ‘in case’ accessories or maybe just expensive fireplace pokers. I suppose some people somewhere do use the feature, but you don’t see Ted’s impact sporting anything but the .25… I dunno, sounds lovely on paper but seems like a potential gimmick/complication/something to go wrong. 

I like FX guns- they’re very accurate, mostly very well designed. I have no doubt this will end a a good rifle. But maybe a little too early to be declaring this the ‘next level’ of airguns based on a few pics, a feature list and an extra letter after ‘smooth twist’…

I’ve been burned a few times too many to be any less cynical/realistic 😜