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Got my compressor and it had shipping damage so now I’m waiting for a new front cover since mine got cracked shipping. Mine is the 220 version and it was shipped with a plug for U.S. but it is a 110v and I’m not going to try making one of our standard 110v outlets into a 220v.  To fix it I purchased a length of wire and a 220v plug. Now the fun part, take the cover off the motor and find the back of the power plug and remove wires and hook them to the new wire from the store (12ga extension cord length) and I also added a ground to the cabinet since it did not have one.   To make it look nice I drilled a hole threw the side of the cover next to the factory plug and placed a rubber grommet in the hole and ran the new wire threw it.   It was test ran for a few seconds and worked great.