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“BenSeager”My Streamline showed up today and so far I am impressed. I passed about 30 18gr JSB over the chrono avg of 861 it was very windy and about 38F but my 10 shot groups were one ragged hole at 32yds. Hopefully the weather holds and I can get some more trigger time in this week.

Thats a .22 with fx rings and a 50mm objective Hawke frontier.. I would prob try a med ring if I come across some. I still have more than enough clearance to use royale mags.

Thanks for the info! The FX rings in their lowest position are just a bit lower than the BKL ones based on the specs I found. Wish the price wasn’t so high!

I hope mount a SWFA SS 10×42 or 3-15×42 with BKL 303