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My issue was with a new Brocock Contour S6 that was having trouble cycling the 6-shot magazine right out of the box. It was often times requiring that I rotate the magazine slightly in order to get the bolt to push the pellet all the way into the breech. Then things got worse where the bolt would just stop half way when being pushed forward, almost like it was snagging or catching on something within the magazine. I’d have to pull the bolt all the way back, remove the magazine, then push the bolt forward and shoot the pellet. Accuracy was not great, which may have been from bent skirt pellets while cycling the magazine. Either way, I told the service guy all of this, and he initially just wanted to mail me a new breech o-ring and new magazine o-ring, but given that the gun was literally 3 hours old from unwrapping, it was decided it’d be better to ship the whole gun back for them to check it out and see if there is something else like a misaligned pellet probe or bad magazine or combo of the above.
I’m guessing I was expecting a week turnaround time not including shipping time. I feel better knowing that it may take them a bit longer. Thanks for the replies.