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Turn around is pretty quick unless they need to check for leaks and not bad even then. Really depends on what they are doing. About 3-4 weeks including ship times for me in troubleshooting leaks in two guns at different times. I’m in Indiana so its about 5 days shipping to and from AZ ground. They will email you when the gun ships back with a tracking # and an enclosed invoice with the gun stating what was done. They can be a bit cryptic in deciphering some of the repairs or really lacking in details and I sometimes have to call for clarification on what the invoice states..  You can always call for a progress report, but give the some time to realistically get the work done. I have been very satisfied with what little warranty work  I have needed. 

**Hint** to others here. Make sure when you call for warranty service you are really CLEAR  and DETAILED with the intake person you are speaking with and get them to read that back to you. Sending in letters with the guns outlining desired work are ignored by the Air Smiths. For good reason too.. Some folks unrealistically ask for the moon and back with several pages of requests which can border on the ridiculous  So, they only go by what the intake person writes down as to what is problematic and needed. 

I guess you must have needed more than them simply shipping you a new magazine under warranty. That’s a shame but I’m sure you will likely be pleased with the results.