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zebra, thanks for that reference for the used firefighter tanks. I think special fittings are needed to use and fill them, right?

Taipan Mutant is on my long-term list. Only thing not to like is the lack of any kind of cheek pad. I was thinking of one months ago, but then came across a deal on a tuned HPA Hammerli 850 that I couldn’t pass up. (traded my .177 Marauder for it.) It’s regulated, accurate, powerful, (28 FPE) and has a great action and trigger. Only thing is that it’s ugly and muzzle heavy. Considering how much actual real, in-the-field hunting I do, I can’t justify the Mutant right now. I’m still itching to to the 850 outdoors. For now, all I really know is that it shoots hole-in-hole at 14 yards, and is still pretty tight at 30 yards in a gusty breeze.

What had me thinking about adjustable power is when I took one shoot in my backyard this winter. Downward angle from 10 yards. I had a target stapled to an empty cardboard box. Shot it with my .22 Summit. (20 FPE) Of course it blew right through the box, but I was expecting the ground to catch it. I forgot to factor in the fact that the ground was frozen. It ricocheted and hit a neighbor’s house. Luckily, it was the roof or vinyl siding, and no damage was done and they didn’t notice it. But then I realized I had too much power and mostly went back to 12.5 FPE from my .177 Compatto. …and I don’t use the frozen ground as a backstop any more!


Thanks all for all your thoughts and advice. 

Instead of going for a all-in-one .22 PCP, I’ll just do it with two guns. I just ordered a Marauder Pistol “deer stand kit”, a couple extra mags and a degassing tool. High power = Hammerli 850. Low power = P-Rod. Later on, I’ll look into the tanks again and maybe some basic mods for the P-Rod. (regulator, additional LDC to make it REALLY quiet) Check it out. With the coupon code from here, it wound up being a screamin’ deal at $364 shipped.

I thought about the S510 some more, and I feel like for all it has going for it, it’s just not quite worth a grand to me. When/if they fit it with a click stop power adjuster and a regulator (like the Galahad has), it may be a different story. (and of course it’ll cost more than a grand at that point)