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Most air guns look similar to others when you take them out the stock but so what. I don’t know about you guys, but I care a lot more about how a gun performs than how it looks. 

One of my favorite air guns is also one of the ugliest, my Mutant. Someone could copy that look but nobody would buy it unless it performed like a Mutant. I skipped the cheaper Chinese clone even though it looked similar. 

Frankly, if companies start making guns that look and perform like my Mutant for less cash, I would cheer, not boo. Competition is good. It forces companies to up their game to stay ahead of it. 

Any company that expects a popular product not to get replicated so they can have the market to themselves out of some honor code is in for a lot of disappointment. Competition in business is a fact of life. It’s capitalism!

Also, out of all the guns to copy in the looks department, Airforce guns would be one of the last ones anyone should want to replicate. They are among the ugliest. They have a following for various valid reasons but none of them are to do with the aesthetics.

The guns that are really worth buying for their looks are not so easy to replicate for less. They are the ones with high grade highly figured walnut and high quality machine-work.