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“bltefft”I’ve come to wonder if Gen 1 Marauders are better shooters than Gen 2’s.  My Gen 1 Marauder, at 25-30 yards, can shoot same hole all day long – supported, that is, with the PSB pellets.

I was thinking about selling my Gen 1 .22 Marauder, but have reconsidered and am going got keep it.

I also have an FX Wildcat .25 and my very newest air rifle is an FX Royale 400, which arrived today – I haven’t even put a scope on it, yet – shoot, took me a little while to figure out how to load its mag – it’s not a simple as loading an Mrod mag.

It’ll be interesting to have a shoot-out between the Gen 1 .22 Mrod and the brand new FX Royale 400.  Any predictions, if all is equal, but for the two air rifles.


I don’t have any predictions but sure looking forward to the shoot-out. My Gen 1 .22 Mrod shoots as good as anything I have. But I don’t have the high end guns.