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“marcella69”zebra, as always, good skinny! Thanks for the extremely comprehensive and detailed response! It is greatly appreciated :-). The American Air Arms .308 Slayer delivers almost 200 ft# regulated, but I see what you mean about the shot count. I think I’ll just stick with my FX Impact .30 for small game with 40+ regulated shots per fill @ 75+ ft# (and field-swappable bottles), and maybe get the Umarex Hammer for big game. I really like the stealth of airguns compared to firearms. Even though the Hammer delivers over 700 ft# of regulated energy; Umarex claims, with its proprietary moderation system, that it is actually backyard friendly. And even though the Hammer delivers only three regulated full-power shots per fill, it does have field swappable bottles; and besides, six shots (with a spare bottle) is plenty when hunting big game. And since I have a 75 cuft Omega tank and an Omega air compressor, I have  a lifetime supply of propellant! I gotta say, I’m really getting into this airgunning thang, much more than I ever did firearms!

That’s probably the right decision. One of the things you see when hunting with air guns is what it really takes to drop game and it’s considerably less than some of the legal minimum limits imposed by some states.

There are guys on the forums who successfully hunt hogs with a 22 PCP gun and well placed head shots. I would have no issue hunting whitetail with a .30 and some good heavy hollow points if the laws allowed it in the state you are in.

In states where they impose 1000fpe minimum lower limits, the only way to get there with an air gun is an extreme big bore and helium. I would just use a firearm in that scenario though. An unshrouded air gun at 1000 fpe will be as loud as firearm anyway.

btw, you can fill your Impact (or any PCP gun) with helium for more power. It will increase the noise and reduce the number of shots per fill but, as you said, you can carry a spare bottle. You could keep one full of air and the other helium for different occasions…