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“Bobbed06”I never let a hobby spiral to the point of being a hoard.

I only have 2 pellet rifles. I had 3 and sold 2, replaced one of those and arrived at 2.

The 2 I have are BOTH Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk, 177 and 22 cal. I find that its easier to practice proper form and muscle memory with the same rifles.

Well two famous quotes come to mind: “beware of the man with only one gun – he´s likely to know how to use it” and “Not wanting is as good as having”.

One well known gunsmith in Sweden (now retired) had only two guns, one ought-six HVA 1900 and a SbS Webley Shotgun (If memory serves). In his business he taught wingshooting and told everyone that one can only become really good if one sticks to one gun (he seems to have detested combination guns, and Sweden in ‘Drilling territory’). I never met him, but read about him in the local hunting mags. It is a minority point of view I have a lot of respect for, because he´s right, although I´m not sure I could stand the cravings myself!

And then we have our local and (well known on the web) airgun expert, Johnny Ottosson, who also is a proponent of asceticism in his shooting life.