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“NorthLand43”A .22 Gen I Marauder was my first PCP.
I bought it before I found a number of Air gun sites and never knew there was a barrel issue. 
I believe I got a good one. 
I have read about many issues.  I do think there was some bad one out there.  I do wonder if some of those were not user error. 
If I were looking to get a .22 it would be the new FT Marauder.
I am quite happy with mine once I found which pellets it likes best, 5.52.  Trigger is great, lots of mods out there if you are willing to tinker. 

Edit:  If you look to the left, my avatar, that is a 5 round group at 105yrds from the sling supported prone.

As a side note, I wonder how many “bad Marauder barrels” there actually were. Maybe folks new to shooting were reading about all these sub half inch groups at 50 yards, and expected their Marauders to do this without any care on their part with regards to a solid rest, wind, finding the right pellet, trigger pulling technique…. and it’s not a matter of how good of a gun it was, but that the guys who spend much more tend to know what ELSE it takes to get those tight groups.