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I have owned a 5×20 since the first week of August. I have taken about one terabyte of video with it, but the video since the upgrade is somewhat better, albeit I don’t know what they did to do that. And yes, the buttons work like they should. Before, you never knew. 

I recently removed the X-Sight II from my .25 Marauder, and installed it on my 9 mm to night hunt pigs. The upgrade VASTLY improved the night vision, which was fairly good to start with. Speaking of which, some folks have had issues with the IR filter, but I haven’t. 

The RAV will never work with an airgun (no recoil). And I’d wish they’d redo the firmware to make it more attractive to air gunners (shorter minimum distance settings and pellet weight).

The Bluetooth works, and you can move files with it. I haven’t checked the battery drain, but it isn’t significant when using the external battery. Which, by the way, is a dead requirement for serious use!

The X-Sight isn’t a bench rest scope, and it isn’t as clear as ANY optical scope. But for what it is, it is about as good as you can expect, especially so when considering the selling price. 

Advice? Buy only the 5×20, and keep the zoom power low (unless you’re sighting in), and enjoy the night vision, with day vision added on.