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I’ve decided to stop moving scopes around and just put a new one on each gun as it needs it.  The only thing I am willing to move around right now is the X-Sight II and it is staying on the D48 until I’m done with it.  The next gun getting a new bit of glass is the Condor.  Another thing I’ve decided to do is stop buying variables.  The truth is 12x is all I need to take squirrels and other critters.  A fixed magnification bit of kit from pretty much any widely known vendor will be better optically than a variable power scope that costs twice as much so I can still spend twice as much and get some really good glass.  There are no SFP fixed power scopes.  There is no forgetting that you are not set to your reference magnification when you hold off on a shot.  A 3x or 4x range finder doubles as a low power observation device… So I guess I’m trying to simplify things.  YMMV