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zebra, as always, good skinny! Thanks for the extremely comprehensive and detailed response! It is greatly appreciated :-). The American Air Arms .308 Slayer delivers almost 200 ft# regulated, but I see what you mean about the shot count. I think I’ll just stick with my FX Impact .30 for small game with 40+ regulated shots per fill @ 75+ ft# (and field-swappable bottles), and maybe get the Umarex Hammer for big game. I really like the stealth of airguns compared to firearms. Even though the Hammer delivers over 700 ft# of regulated energy; Umarex claims, with its proprietary moderation system, that it is actually backyard friendly. And even though the Hammer delivers only three regulated full-power shots per fill, it does have field swappable bottles; and besides, six shots (with a spare bottle) is plenty when hunting big game. And since I have a 75 cuft Omega tank and an Omega air compressor, I have  a lifetime supply of propellant! I gotta say, I’m really getting into this airgunning thang, much more than I ever did firearms!