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American Air Arms says their guns are regulated on their site. Their larger caliber slug guns put out more than 200fpe. That would be where I would start if the goal was a regulated 200fpe+ gun. 

The other regulated big bore I know of are all less than 200fpe out of the box.

The reality is that most 200fpe+ air guns do not get enough shots per fill for regulators to be a priority. The most powerful air rifles like the Extreme Big Bores get just 2 or 3 shots per fill. 

Regulators are usually used to smooth the shot curve over a longer shot string and wider range of fill pressures. You can use an external regulator with most big bore air rifles if you use a teathered set-up. Then you would get enough shots for the reg to matter.

Another option is to buy a regulated big bore that has less than 200 fpe and try running it on helium. My bet would be that it has the potential to push some of those 150fpe air guns up past 200fpe. 

The market for extreme big bore air guns is currently is small percentage of an already fairly small market. The main issue I see for them in America is that they can only be used in places where you could use a firearm and firearms are easily available for everyone except people with felony convictions. For scenarios where I need 200fpe+, I would probably choose a firearm as the right tool for the job. 

I like air guns specifically because they offer less power, noise and range, so I can use them in my backyard. 

With that said, I could see demand for that kind of air gun growing in future as firearms become more regulated and ammo costs go up. The restrictions in states like NY and CA have already created opportunities for air guns that have not been capitalized properly yet imo.