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“Willie14228”As said I think they have fixed the issue
The trick is going to be making sure you get the new version and not one out of the older stock.
I don’t think crosman is recalling the older stock for exchange so you can bet dealers will be doing everything they can to move them off the shelves

^ That (bolded) is the key, right there. Who wants to gamble $400+?

There’s a sweet little spot between off-the-shelf  entry level PCPs at $200-500 and high-end PCPs at $1k+. A tuned, entry-level PCP, with a guaranteed accuracy from the tuner. bwalton (Hatsans) and Motorhead. (Marauders) come to mind. Price-wise, they should come right in the middle, and will have properly done barrels, shrouds, triggers, actions, and tuned to your spec.

A tuned Hatsan for $800 will shoot just as well as an off-the-shelf Daystate, the difference is just in the design and stock.