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Firstly, the .22 Armada I shoot was sent to me for evaluation by Chip back when he worked for Crosman. It shoots 50 yard groups that average around 1 inch, so I think it does as well as one can expect from a budget priced PPC.

There are too many reports of poor performance from .22 Marauders to be ignored. Often the barrel is identified as the culprit. So, I bought and installed a hammer forged barrel from Jim Gaska. So far, it looks like it lives up to Jim;s claims for accuracy. Once we start outdoor shooting here in Idaho, I will be able to tell you how much if an improvement it really is.

The question is, “What does this air rifle do that I want it to do better”?  In my case it was accuracy on the range. There are other uses primarily plinking and recreational shooting where shot count and power may be a deciding factor. There are aftermarket fixes to address these issues.
Of course, as soon as I decided to buy an aftermarket barrel, Crosman announced that they had upgraded their .22 barrels and added a regulator. A lot of folks are waiting to see how this turns out.