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IMHO…….you’re over thinking this whole pellet lubing deal. The only reason I lube pellets at all for my R9/HW95 is that dry hard lead Crosman Premiers would foul the bore and the fouling was rather hard to remove. That was in th edays that I would tune my springers to shoot CPLs at around 910fps, however I’ve been using a less stressful tune of CPLs @ around 850-860fps for years now so I really don’t know if Crosman pellets at the lower velocity will foul the barrel like they did at the higher velocity. Another consideration is the amount of shooting done because when I had “fouling issues” shooting dry CPLs I was shooting a 1250 count box per month (about 10,000 shots per year). At 70 years old I’m currently shooting about half as much so even if fouling were to occur the need to bore clean would be about twice as long. What I’ve been doing with OneLube has been working just fine for years so I personally see no reason to change except perhaps to shoot some un-lubed CPLs at my current velocity to see if there is actually some “excess fouling” compared to shooting them lubed. I do know that lubing my pellets didn’t change the velocity or accuracy, it simply extended the bore clean interval.

Concerning accuracy of dirty bore/clean bore I tuned a HW97 for a fellow and after the tune I shot these “patterns” at only 18 yards……….

The reason I didn’t clean the bore before tuning was that the owner said he had already did the bore clean yet the gun wasn’t accurate. Well, I cleaned the bore with a couple pulled patches moistened with denatured alcohol and then a couple dry patches and this was the result at 18 yards……

When testing out the gun after tuning I noticed that he had the same older version of 4-12×40 Hawke Airmax EV mounted. I owned the same make scope previously and it would shift the poi simply by focusing. Just for grinns I moved up to 10 yards, refocused and sure enough……a lateral poi shift!
Here is a “before and after” bore clean with my .177 HW95………..

I noticed an issue when I shot the “zero bull” at only 18 yards, The next few shots at bull #9 and #10 showed that something wasn’t right so I did a bore clean and then proceeded to shoot 10 shots at bull #1 to stabilize the group by lightly fouling the bore, then I shot Bulls #5,#6 & #7. LOL, don’t hammer me too hard on the fliers because I do almost all my shooting sitting on a bucket resting the gun on cross sticks.  

Pellet guns create no powder residue, no jacketed bullet fouling, and the velocities of the “springer variety” operate at much lower velocity than MOST powder burner. The only reason that an airgun bore needs to be cleaned at all is if the pellets are dirty or there is dieseling from excess lube which creates soot in the bore that’s pretty easily removed. Years ago when my brother had dry CPL fouling that seemed to be “soldered on” his R9 was tuned to shoot at 920fps, plus if there was a “loose fitter” (pretty common around die #5-#7) he would simply “blow the shot off” because he knew a loose fitting CPL would be a flier. I theorize (don’t know for sure) that the relatively high velocity hard lead CPL would be shaved a bit by the lands of the rifling when it entered the choke. This minute “shaving” would then get “packed in the rifling” by the next pellet. When the next “loose fitter” was shot there would be some more lead shaved, so on and so forth.

Anywhoo……I do clean my bores after shooting a box of lubed CPLs but until accuracy degrades there really isn’t a need to mess with an airgun bore, I simply don’t want the “accuracy degrade” to happen mid way through a field target match. LOL….I’ve read more than one post where the shooter claims he/she never cleans their airgun bore and the accuracy is always good.