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Ed, you had asked in other thread what rifle I had gotten from Dwight. It is a like new fully tuned by Mike from Dragon XS46U. Shoots.177  9gr pellets at around 910fps per Mike. Like I had stated, I have been buying loads of different pellets to try in my .22  and this .177. I have noticed a bit of lead swarf and some kind of residue that darkens my fingers. What is that residue, probably graphite. Most of those bike products are chain dry lube that is paraffin based. I would think that might cause a buildup that might create a pellet that wobbles in flight. I was thinking a very light amount of ballistol would be the best, lube and clean each shot. Another product that I personally use a lot in my bp guns is bore butter, A very small amount melted to liquid state, never had probs with it clumping up in my bp guns and those have to be the dirtiest actions of any gun. I am going to experiment with a couple of ideas and see what happens. I will let ya know what I find out that works for “me”