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There is only so much you can do with the looks of a rifle. Pick any rifle and you will be able to find one that looks like it. None of these are clones of anything. They just look like something else. My Talon looks like a Logan, my Career looks like a Browning, my Hatsan looks like a Savage, My Daisy looks like a Winchester. They are all rifles, they all do the same thing. Look at cars Fords look like Chevys, look like dodge, look like Honda. Who cares. They all say they are making a better product.¬†They are all just a variation of the same thing. There is nothing new in any of them. Just done a little different. Pick the one you like and buy it. They all think their’s are the best. We all think ours are the best.
The only thing that matters is, at the end of the day when you put your rifle away. Are you happy with it. Who made it, where it was made, how much it cost, and if it looks like another rifle, does not matter. If it put the pellet on the point and it made you smile that is all that counts. This is a hobby. We are in it for fun, If someone wants to bring a product to market for me to look at and maybe buy great. If you don’t like it don’t buy it.
I fly RC helicopters also. I saw this same type of thing in the RC forums about cloning. Saying it was going to ruin the hobby. The hobby is going down the tube but not from cloning. It is from the manufactures marketing a product to consumers that cost 2 times what the consumers could afford to pay. If this hobby is going to stay strong and grow, we need all the manufactures both high end, and low end making products for us to choose. All of us can not afford a Daystate, and not all of us want a Red Ryder. But all of us want to shoot airguns.

Let the yelling begin