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“Wadcutter”Wow!  Heck of a shot oldspook. Very interesting combo. What is the total weight of that rig?
I have a  D48 .177 with cheap tasco scope and it tips the scales at 9.6 lbs.


Total weight is way more than I want to carry away from the bench.   It is not suitable for stalking.  =(  Call it about 12 lbs plus or minus.  The toe bag full of pinto beans adds a pound but definitely worth it.  The toe bag lets you get a really stable shooting position because you can squeeze it rather than holding the stock to get elevation.  It also lets the rifle do the same thing every time if you hold the pistol grip very lightly. I guess you could call it the “artillery hold in a bag”. Heavy is stable, stable is accurate. That rifle consistently groups around 1.5 – 2.0 MOA when I do my part. The pellets have to be sorted though or it will never do that.  My D460 is that accurate as well.  It was also tuned by “John in PA”.