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Well….personal opinions here………..
Actually, unless you’re shooting Crosman pellets I doubt that you need to lube at all. Normally springer shooters don’t lube their pellets as this can introduce dieseling unless done very carefully. The only reason I lube my CPLs is the fact that Crosman uses a harder lead alloy than a lot of pellet manufacturers and it seems that they tend to foul bores quickly relative to pure lead pellets. When my brother had Crosman pellet fouling that was so tight no amount of pulled patches woul remove it we started the search of a lube that would keep the fouling from “soldering” itself in the rifling. We ended up using Slick50 OneLube from the aerosol can and I’ve been lubing my CPs ever since.

For lubing my pellets I only want a film of lube on the rifling surfaces of the pellets and I accomplish this by spritzing a tiny bit of OneLube on the bottom of a dedicated pan and then evenly spread it around with my fingers. Thae a box of CPLs is dumped into the pan and gently stirred with my fingers to add a film on the pellet rifling surfaces. Here is a pic of some CPLs being lubed……..

One thing I’m certain to avoid is spritzing lube directly on the pellets because the lube will get inside the pellet skirts and OneLube will diesel for sure. I do know some shooters that lube their pellets with Pledge furniture polish and some use like Finish Line wax bike chain lube for their pellets……..
Anywhoo…….if your gun shoots JSB, Air Arms, H&N FTTs or the H&N Sniper pellets accurately I doubt that you need to lube them since they’re pre-lubed.
One of the issues I have with both the JSB Exacts and the H&N FTT is that the tins of pellets were pretty inconsistent for me. I’d shoot from one tin and get great accuracy but the next tin would be very inconsistent with mediocre accuracy, 

Concerning “dirty loading fingers” I received a case of boxed CPLs a while back that had excess parting compound on them. I washed those pellets and dried them before lubing because the combination of parting compound (looked like powdered graphite) and lube “gummed up” the bore rather quickly. Years ago I received boxes of CPLs that had visible flakes of swarf in the boxes however I haven’t had THAT issue for years. I did buy a tin of the Crosman Premier hollow points from WalMart and they actually shot well from my tight leade HW95 but my loading fingers looked like this after a shooting session………..
No visible swarf in the tin however.