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I just seriously got into airgunning 11/16. I have 2 rifles a .22 and a .177 that I am setting up for FT and a .177 pistol. As you can imagine I have been buying lots of different pellets. The things I have noticed are, most pellets are dirty enough they leave lead residue on my fingers. I have also noticed these same little chunks inside the skirts. I know that part of that residue on my fingers is the machining lube, but the rest is for sure lead. I have dealt with this same thing in my BP cowboy action shooting. Since the rifling in most airguns is delicate in comparison to pb guns, I would think that cleaning of pellets would be a very common practice. Also some very light lubricant to keep pellets from oxidizing after cleaning.
My confuzzlement is, I am going to be shooting a .177 underlever in FT. What should I be using for a lubricant, that will prevent the dieseling I have read about. Curious about what others are using. Is just plain vegetable oil a good choice?