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“Mousefart”Buy these guns, contribute to the death of your sport!

History indicates that this isn’t about “competition”. It’s about predatory practice in a bid to ELIMINATE ALL COMPETITION that isn’t from China. 

This has already happened in another hobby of mine. The Chinese pirate someone else’s product, undercutting the price because they have $2/day labor. The original companies lose money and the ability (funds) to innovate, then go bankrupt one by one. Finally, all that’s left is Chinese. 

Its a story repated all all through the marketplace. I no longer make rationalizations for buying Chinese knockoffs, and have quit buying Chinese altogether out of principle and a desire to not see the Chinese own the entire world one day in the next 20 years or so. I finally figured out that I ignored the history lessons and supported these knockoff endeavors then I was part of the problem. 

I’d rather be part of the solution. I will pay “extra” to protect the honest manufacturers from countries that don’t allow and even encourage their manufacturers to engage in this sort of behavior.


What makes you think Kral is a Chinese company?  They are a Turkish company and have been in the firearms business for a long time.  They are relatively new to airguns but not some company that just popped up.  I think it takes competition to force companies from settling into a comfortable state where they ignore consumers and just roll out  lame guns because there are no options.

Fair enough point. Replace Chine with Turkey where appropriate. Or dont. Basic premise remains then same- if you support knockoffs then you harm those who innovate. If a manufacturers is legit then why not innovate rather than copy and undercut?