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Ed, Jimmy (fussel) was the one you can blame for me joining club. I bought a nice underlever from Dwight. Those two have been attempting to guide me or maybe misguide :)  They are both great guys and have helped me a lot already. I have shot competition in many other disciplines from archery to bp cowboy action. To me the airgun challenge is greater than any of my other disciplines, specially since I have chosen to go springer verse PCP. I love a good challenge ! To me its more about the learning and accomplishing my personal challenge than shooting against someone. From what I have seen already from THAGC members I have no doubts I am going to enjoy y’alls company and do look forward to meeting you sir at the March 25th match.

For me personally I think that pellet sizing/weighing/cleaning/lubricating will be just something I do because it makes me personally feel more confident that I have done everything I could to help my rifle shoot its best. That leaves the rest up to me ! I am sure I will have plenty of those moments you mentioned.   Dale

Since I am shooting a underlever, it don’t appear that a traditional pellet seater is gong to work. Any suggestions ?