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I grew up on the eastern plains of Wyo. and Colo. during the 50’s and 60’s and a big portion of our meat came from what we hunted for . We couldnt afford to eat the beef or hogs we raised as they were a cash crop just like the wheat we raised. My shooting experiences were based on production and I didn’t waste too much time and ammo on targets or ballistics research. If the load knocked down the game, that was good enough for me. Not So with airguns! Now I am learning all the science and physics and ballistics and the…….! My mind is having a hard time keeping up with what I find on the internet.
After a year of playing with a Disco, I am ready to take the next step and get a gun with a little more capability. Brain says”FX Royale 500″, but budget says ” Marauder .25″. I like to fiddle a lot, so what do you think of my choice?