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I concur with your argument. The airgun market is on a steep innovation curve, much like that of firearms back in the day. As state legislatures are more willing to allow hunting with airguns, and the word is getting out to the public as to the high performance of modern airguns; I believe that the industry will be turning out amazing products that can rival firearms in many ways.

I am a recent convert from firearms to airgunning, and am certainly a true believer when it comes to the stealth, power, and accuracy of air-powered weapons. I recently purchased an FX Impact .30 with all the accoutrements (spare mag & bottle, Omega tank, Omega compressor, Chrony, Primos Trigger Stick tripod, Hawke Sidewinder scope, rangefinder, field binoculars, etc., etc., etc.). I am an active small game hunter and am taking more game with my Impact than I ever did with my Mossberg 12 gauge; without the violence, noise, and clean-up. (Not to mention not biting into a shotshell shot I missed when butchering!)

I am excited about the Umarex Hammer for big game. (Although my home state of California allows only small game to be taken with airguns.) Hopefully, with the new Trump administration that is business-friendly and serious about reducing burdensome regulations, start-up companies will spring up around the land delivering all those wonderful goodies we love so much!