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I like to window shop on eBay, but, and it’s a BIG BUT, is counterfeits. I’ve been in touch with both Leopold and BSA about scopes on eBay, sold under their names.  Both customer service groups stated that most or all of the scopes were counterfeits.  Leopold scopes where the vendor states that the US support group doesn’t know about this model (Yes, some of the descriptions actually state that the US groups don’t know about this model), are obviously fakes.  Some of the fakes are VERY GOOD, but in all the wrong magnifications as Leopold never made those magnifications. Oh, the dead giveaway was illuminated reticles.  The color of the illuminated reticles were never made by Leopold.  

With counterfeits, you may get lucky and get a good scope, but probably 99% of the counterfeit scopes are trash at best.  Any name brand scope that ships directly from China, well, you are taking your chances and the odds are against you.