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My TM 1000 is in .177. Currently with what the regulator is set at (I think around 115 bar) and with the HS right int the middle, it’s shooting the 13 g’s at 770 fps with about a 1.75 SD and an ES for one card (25 – 27 shots) of about 10 fps. This is from memory. 

When I turned up the hammer spring, it was shooting the 13 g’s at around 830 fps, and the SD went up to around 2.25. I’m going to play around with it some more to see how fast it will shoot the 13 g’s with a SD below 2.  Then I’ll shoot groups with about a 25fps difference between groups and see what the most accurate speed is. Then do that with the other weight pellets as well. This is the fun part!!