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It’s those minor cosmetic details that I am talking about, have you looked at pricing for a stock for the Texan?
It’s supposed to be a hunting tool not wall art, when is hunting season in the United States…. The winter right? Try holding a chunk of metal all day in 20º weather and see how long it takes you to start thinking about putting some clothing on that thing. Shoot it doesn’t even come with a place to mount a shoulder strap.
Like I said it’s not that I don’t agree with your point, but it wasn’t until a bunch of aftermarket companies started making money fabricating an silencer for the Texan that they finely decided to come out with an S.S version.
Don’t get me wrong I like my Texan but it does have some design flaws that while I was at the gun show in Dallas was brought up not just by me but many other owners, and in speaking with those owners then and many others after I’ve discovered they too have brought them up. My Texan is one of the First 100 to come off the production line (I checked) you put it beside a brand new one and they are the same…. there is the reason why copy right laws do have improvement clauses written in. I am not a lawyer and don’t even have a clue how it all works I only know it’s is there.
Yes Sir! We do need to protect our U.S and other quality manufacturers I agree 100% but some of those manufacturers also need to get there collective heads out of their butts and start listening to the consumers a little more. If you are going to Charge for high quality and craftsmanship then you need to deliver it.