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Buy these guns, contribute to the death of your sport!

History indicates that this isn’t about “competition”. It’s about predatory practice in a bid to ELIMINATE ALL COMPETITION that isn’t from China. 

This has already happened in another hobby of mine. The Chinese pirate someone else’s product, undercutting the price because they have $2/day labor. The original companies lose money and the ability (funds) to innovate, then go bankrupt one by one. Finally, all that’s left is Chinese. 

Its a story repated all all through the marketplace. I no longer make rationalizations for buying Chinese knockoffs, and have quit buying Chinese altogether out of principle and a desire to not see the Chinese own the entire world one day in the next 20 years or so. I finally figured out that I ignored the history lessons and supported these knockoff endeavors then I was part of the problem. 

I’d rather be part of the solution. I will pay “extra” to protect the honest manufacturers from countries that don’t allow and even encourage their manufacturers to engage in this sort of behavior.