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7. (I’m not going to waffle around, like some of you characters. :) )

My 7 looks something like this:

  1. CO2 pistol
  2. Other pistol (single stroke pneumatic, in my case)
  3. Low power rifle (0-8 FPE)
  4. Mid-power springer (I like mid power, about 14 FPE)
  5. PCP rifle
  6. Wild card 1
  7. Wild card 2

Others may be more focused, maybe they only want to ever shoot field target or they’re totally uninterested in pistols. They may only need or want one or two rifles, and they’ll happily spend as much on those two and their scopes as I’d spend on my 7.

For those interested, here’s my current collection, and the current thinking on each of them. If I move the underlined ones, I’m down to 8; gotta trim two more to get down to where “I should be.”

  1. ​.177 Brocock Compatto: All-around PCP. Plinking, pesting, hunting and possibly field target gun in the future. A great all-around PCP.
  2. .22 Hammerli 850 Air Magnum (HPA converted): High power pester/hunter and longer range target gun.
  3. .177 Air Arms TX200, tuned: Field target gun PCP-accurate, but really heavy.
  4. .22 Benjamin Summit NP2: Bought this to tip my toe in .22. Powerful and quiet, but challenging to shoot. More fun than it should be, considering how hard it is to shoot well. :)
  5. .177 Weihrauch HW30s, home-tuned: A fun plinker and target gun. Quiet, accurate, easy-to-cock. Works on small pests too.
  6. Daisy 953: A single stroke pneumatic 10m target rifle. Fun, but I could probably go without this one, since it’s about the same effort to cock/pump as the HW30s and no more accurate. and a lot less powerful. Worse trigger too.
  7. Daisy PowerLine 1200 CO2 BB pistol: I keep this because it reminds me of my grandpa. It’s not that great of gun, but feels great in the hand and brings me back to the happiest times of my youth. Keeps Pop alive in my heart.
  8. Crosman 357: What a fun gun to shoot. Not that accurate in the whole scheme of things, but quite accurate for a replica CO2 pistol repeater.
  9. Crosman 2300T: single shot CO2 target pistol. Nice, but I could do without this.
  10. Crosman 1377: multip pump pistol carbine/pistol – I could do without this one, I’m not big on multi-pumps any more
  11. Daisy 747: single pump target pistol. Really nice pistol. Not as powerful as the 2300T, but just as accurate at 10m