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“marcella69”Yes, Bruce54; I saw that. Unreal. That’s why I’m flabbergasted that (to my knowledge) there is not a production air rifle that delivers a regulated 200 ft# that pushes a regular .25 or .30 cal. bullet with a good BC. I would think the demand for such a weapon would be off the charts!

The demand is certainly there.  It’s the number of demands that prevents production of new toys at a price point most of us would consider affordable.  As the sport grows, at-home modder’s arise and develop the cool new things that everyone expects/demands now.  Initally there was low supply and variation with high prices.  It wasn’t really that long ago that you had to either head to your garage and build your own bigbore or get someone else to head to their garage and build it for you.  Eventually awareness grew of a sector of the public that is willing to drop a large chunk of money on an bigbore and soon there are things like the Benjamin Bulldog, Texan SS and Umarex Hammer.  We are just in the middle of the last transition right now.  Even more new things will be showing up soon if we all spend our money like good little girls and boys, otherwise there is no incentive for manufacturers to continue.  You should probably purchase one or several of the bigbores that you have been considering, ya know, so you’re doin’ your part.