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“unionrdr”…..all the gas leaked out on it’s own something isn’t sealing between shots somewhere? …..


Check my January 29th post…(excerpt underlined and pasted below);

“…your brass valve stem has a seal material that looks a LOT like what MAC-1 uses. It is great stuff, but needs to be warmed up to properly mate with its new valve. This only has to be done once. ”

That seal material is stubborn, but darn near eternal when heated to conform to valve seat.
Asked you in that post if you wanted me to heat it to mate to that valve. Wasn’t sure which one you wanted to use. Thought it best not to proceed without your approval in case you decided to return the brass one for refund .

Long story short from what I saw, that valve while pristine… may be your culprit until you heat that seal material (one time only) to mate to the valve seat.