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“LIVIT”This is some of the knowledge I have been trying to find. I am going to be shooting FT with the THAGC, starting the next meet. As a lot of subjects there seems to be very mixed opinions on what is correct in sizing. I have seen; don’t bother its a waste of time, size just the head, shape and size just the skirt, or shape and size both.  It would make sense to me, if the skirt was sized larger than the head. Less contact on rifling, maybe a bit more speed along with accuracy.  Or is the skirt to soft, which would cause inconsistency due to blowouts. I am a bit confused, appreciate some help here…. Dale


I’m planning to be at the March 25 match at Mt Pleasant and hope to see you there!

“a lot of subjects there seems to be very mixed opinions on what is correct in sizing.”
There are indeed differences in opinions concerning about every aspect of airgunning, however, I’ve always had very enjoyable matches and have found that such differences in opinions are accepted in a very cordial manner at the matches.

My personal advice is to accept these differences in opinions and have fun shooting enough to find out what works best for you. After a couple decades shooting hunter class field target I never got into pellet sizing (or weighing) but the purchase of a new HW95 a couple seasons ago started my journey in sizing CPLs simply to make them fit the tight HW95 leade without “loadin’ finger trauma”! While the sized and weighed CPLs are considerably more consistent than they are “from the box”, I really don’t know if I can tell that they’re more accurate with my shooting skills from “bucket and sticks” if I toss out the occasional “looser than normal” pellet.

One thing I learned shooting unsized CPLs from my tight lead HW95 was this………

WOW….the camera shows up a lot of lint doesn’t it? ;)
Before sizing my CPLs I’m wondering if the occasional fliers weren’t caused by not seating the tight fitting pellet properly on occasion. Over the last couple days I’ve been shooting head sized/skirt expanded CPLs and while the sized pellets do load easier I occasionally found a bit of “skirt deformation” from a slightly protruding pellet skirt with the tight leade HW95. A couple ways of preventing “skirt deforming protrusion” is to shoot a looser fitting pellet or seat the pellet with the ball end of a pellet seater like this………

I personally like the pellet skirt seated flush with the end of the leade and I prefer to not need the extra pellet seating step but whatever works best for me is what I’ll do. With the tight leade HW95 I’m planning to do some testing at my back yard practice range using full sized CPL (sized to 4.52mm) to see if they can be consistently loaded without pellet skirt deformation when relatching the barrel. Last night I tried some full sized CPLs upstairs at 18 yards and they were as accurate as “head sized only” when I’m shooting from “bucket and sticks” but I’m not sure that will be the same outdoors at 50 and 53 yards

Anywhoo….don’t get all “wrapped up around the axle” with “excess minutia” that can become a hassle when beginning field target shooting. Just practice as best you can and at all costs……..simply come and ENJOY a low stress and fun day shooting your airgun alongside other airgunners! I’ve had some relatively high scoring matches within my class and also some real “stinkers” but I’ve never walked off a course without finishing no matter what my score! I like to say on occasion “if the prize money were more my score might matter” (LOL, there is no prize money). Another comment I make on occasion after the shot is “don’t have a clue where that one went”. LOL

Come on out with the determination to simply have a good time and make some new friends!