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If you’re looking for power, then yes increase air flow. Port and polish any passages but a word of caution if you’re new to air guns. The materials used in airguns are usually softer than what’s used in firearms. When porting brass or aluminum, go crazy slow. Replacement parts are easily found for some but not for others. Do as much research as possible. Actually wait till a few others agree with what I said about porting before going forward. It’s too easy to mess a valve up beyond repair. Might even want to send it to a tuner if you don’t have experience with high pressure air or proper ratio for air flow. There’s a point when you stop gaining velocity and start wasting air. Make sure you de gas the gun before attempting any upgrades or repairs to be safe. You can hurt yourself or someone you love in an instant if you make a mistake. High pressure air is extremely dangerous. A few fps isn’t worth a life changing mistake. Good luck and we’ll answer what we can