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Thank you all for your inputs.

I am happy to let you know that I have a successfully mold prototype. The boat tail did not give good results so I vent for a more traditional approach. The most accurate shape will have 36 – 37 grain (depending on the alloy) and BC 0.14. The BC was measured with two chronys at 70 meters. The velocity drop was from about 295 m/s to 270 m/s. So far I got better than 2 MoA groups without sorting the bullets. The ideal velocity for them seems to be around 300 m/s or just under. Huben’s regulator needs to be set at about 155 bar (my gauge is showing 180 bar at this pressure because these gauges are not accurate) and the power wheel fully opened. I was using direct swap (the barrel has exactly the same external dimensions as the stock one – you will see in the video) barrel that Rojal offers for these tests. I will also test soon with my semi bull barrel as well as the stock barrel. I am pretty sure that with stock, the velocities will be lower because of the choke…

That is it for now, I will release a video on youtube in about two weeks (this weekend I am going to IWA).

PS: I will also meet with Huben at IWA. If you have any questions I can ask and maybe get an answer…