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“LIVIT”Once I find which size my rifle likes using accuracy and chrono readings. From what I am reading you can set that tool to the size you want, am I correct on that Asa ?


Yes that’s correct.  It doesn’t have size markings though, it is a matter of adjust and measure – which is where the Pelletgage comes in useful, or quality calipers. 

The way this sizer is constructed seems to be that the main body has a chamber that diminishes in size from one end to the other with an adjustable stop at the narrow end.  So you drop your unsized pellet in the wide end and push it to up to the stopper which resizes it and seeing as the chamber is wider at the tail end the skirt will always be wider. 

As you have probably worked out, setting the stopper further along by winding the the screw out that controls the stopper posistion will give you a smaller diameter on the head. When you have got to the desired size through trial and error you can use the locking nut to make sure the stopper position doesn’t move, and then repeat…

In terms of getting back to previously used settings, the only way I have thought of to do this is to use calipers to measure the length of the screw and take of note of the reading that corresponds to each head size – there may be a smarter way.

Hope that makes sense.