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@marcella69: I sold my extended shroud for that reason, it isn’t easy to use the huggett for it. I even have Neil make for me one, still have a hard time. After I sold my extended shroud, I got 2 fixed shroud from AoA (.25 & .30). So, that being said I can use 8 baffles and 2 endcap….still not quiet!!! I guess my expectations is too high. 
I go ahead buy the standard huggett .30cal, and it really good for my ear in .25cal…not .30cal. I was going use for both, but it still loud…so I buy the Magna. Now, I can use the Magna for both .25 & .30 fixed shroud instead of the factory shroud. 
I don’t know about the thread much, but all my huggett (I have 3 total) can fit in my Bobcat MK2, Impact fixed shroud, soon fit on my Steamline with an adapter. 

I bought one before and it fit straight to the Impact BARREL…not on the Bobcat, so you have to ask really carefully before you buy.

Huggett on the Impact barrel