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“Maineiac”Last year I purchased a .22 Marauder as my first “real” air rifle. I’ve decided that I would like to upgrade to something more accurate with a longer shot count. It doesn’t help that I have friends with fancy FX and Daystate rifles.

My budget is in the $1,000 range and I’d like to stick with .22 caliber. This will be used for a mix of bench shooting and hunting for squirrels, birds, and the occasional rabbit around 50 yards.

Here’s what I’m looking at so far:

  • FX Streamline
  • AA S510
  • BSA R-10 mk2

Is there a clearly “better” rifle of those 3? Or is there something else I should consider? I’m in the USA if that matters. 

I get “new gun itis” and suffer from it myself occasionally.  But if you really just want better accuracy and a better shot count, then I’d suggest two mods to your Mrod that will do the trick.  1) install a Marmot Militia hammer forged .22 cal barrel and 2) install a WAR TSS (twin spring system).  Total upgrade cost will be about $300 and afterwards your Mrod will give you 45+ useable shots with remarkable accuracy.  

Think of how fun it will be then to go out shooting with your friends and their euro guns?