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“Ginuwine1969”Oldspook, so i’ve read some of your older post, and at first you were very unhappy with the X-sight II now i am starting to believe it has gotten better and you are now please is this true?  Would you recommend it to others on this site?


 Well sir, that’s a hard one to answer.  I’d say the jury was still out but it isn’t a hardware issue.  The problem with ATN products is the firmware.  Whomever is writing the firmware is not very good at software development.  They make the dumbest mistakes, I mean really rookie dumb mistakes.

For example this latest update of the firmware they set an arbitrary minimum limit on projectile velocity of 328 fps (100 meters/sec) and a minimum input range on the ballistics calculator of 27 yards (25 meters) probably because they had issues with the ballistics calculator crashing when it got input values it should have just ignored in the first place.  Those two changes severely impacted the crossbow shooters and the AG shooters, especially vermin hunters… Like I said straight up rookie dumb mistakes. No doubt they will fix it but the last firmware update was six months getting out the door, so who knows how long we will have to wait for that fix?  So there is that…

If you are willing to get into the device with the knowledge that ATN is basically beta testing their stuff on the end users (whether deliberately or by accident I have no idea) and you feel confident in their management (which I think I do), then after they get the kinks worked out I think you are going to have one hell of a product for the price.  I’d say it was a personal call, myself.