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“dr_beretta”Maineiac, as far as whether to choose Daystate or Air Arms from a “repair” standpoint, remember that here in the USA, you’ll most likely be dealing with any repair issues directly with whom you bought your rifle from. If my Air Arms guns go bad for some reason, I’m sending them in for repair to PyramydAir where they’ll take care of the issue. If my Daystate goes bad, I’m sending it back to Airguns of Arizona. People that live in the UK or overseas may have an easier time dealing with the manufacturer directly, but that being said, I’ve had my two Air Arms guns for over two years now and the Daystate for 6 months and all of them have been trouble free. Even my BSA R10 has been flawless so far and I’ve had that for over a year. Both of these manufacturers make solid guns with great reputations.

If you really want adjustability, say to go from 10 ft lbs up to 30+, then the S500 or S510 are the way to go since they have an adjustable knob on the side allowing for velocity changes. But if you just want a gun to shoot accurately and don’t care for any of that, any of the choices you listed including the Daystate are great options.

And yes, the Daystate uses the same Foster male fitting as the Marauder for refills with your pump. Air Arms, BSA, and FX all use proprietary fill probes that will have you buy an extra adapter to screw on to their adapter to use your pump.

How hard is the Daystate to adjust? Honestly though, I probably won’t do much adjustment. Most likely I would just leave it at the stock settings and dial in my scope from there so maybe I’m getting worried over nothing.