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I haven’t shot the FX or Air Arms you’re looking at, but I’ve shot R10s.

To me, they are THE best-looking air rifle made. The lines and execution of the stock, the fact that the bottle doesn’t totally dominate the front end of the gun. They’re also very quiet and accurate. They’re regulated, so they’ll get more good shots per fill than the S510, however, they’re not quickly power adjustable, so a bit less versatile.The triggers are wonderful, and so are the fit & finish.

There’s a bit of a challenge with the filling, I forgot what it is.

FX’s are just kind of blah-looking for a $1,000 airgun, don’t you think? At this price point, we shouldn’t have to choose form OR function; we can have both.

A buddy of mine in the local club has one, and he felt like the shrouded barrel was too long, so he unscrewed it and fitted a thread-on moderator instead. It’s not quite as quiet now, but shorter. 

Thanks for the tip! I will check that one out. I have a Hill mk4 pump that I’m using now so that should hook right up to the Daystate just like my Marauder does?”

No, your pump will hook up to a fill probe, which then plugs into a fill port at the end of the cylinder, instead of having the female Foster fitting right on the cylinder, like the Marauder does. The thing to ask is whether the Daystate fill probe has a female Foster fitting on the back of it or if you need an adapter.

By the way, some months ago, I upgraded from a Marauder to my Compatto. It IS a little nicer, but nowhere near commensurate with the price. The Marauder was quieter, easier to pump and accuracy is only maybe 5% better from the Compatto. And the attached Foster fitting. I might not do the same thing, if I had it to do again. I’d probably keep the .177 Marauder, and buy the Compatto in .22 or a bullpup .22. Check my YouTube channel (user Jeremy D) for a review of the Compatto, compared to the Marauder.

Edit: Here’s the vid:

Edit 2: One other thing: the FX and Air Arms have air tubes instead of bottles, so they’ll likely ping with each shot, like Marauders do. The BSA won’t, as it’s a bottle gun and they don’t ping.