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“old20cal”Well it has been a hard search. Trying to find lead free .20, 5mm pellets. There is an indoor airgun range I would to visit. I do have have air rifles and pistols .177 and 22 to bring. But can not find a source for me old .20 Sheridans. Are they obsolete and will I have to swag me own. Any help is appreceiated. Thanks in advance, Old20cal.

If you want to make your own fairly easily, buy some Moldmax 60 silicone rubber from Smooth-on. You can get a trial size pot for $25. 

Make a mold of whatever .20 pellets you have. I suggest a multi cavity one to save time. Then cast your own pellets using tin or lead-free pewter. Tin and pewter can be melted very easily on a regular stove in a pan. I tried it recently. The tin went from a solid block to a liquid in 3 minutes. Tje moldmax 60 handled the temperature without any issues.