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That’s a fun test!

JSB 15.9gr pellets are fairly soft though. The difference in your results doesn’t surprise me. 

A fairer test might be to try again with regular polymags which have the plastic ballistic tip and maybe one other (like a Eun Jin). 

I’d be interested to see any differences in pellet expansion too. 

The topic is interesting to me because I don’t have that much confidence in the stopping power of my current 22 cal air guns / pellets. 

I recently bought some new pellets to try for hunting including regular polymags and JSB Ultrashocks. The Polymags were more accurate than I was expecting but not quite as deadly as I was hoping for. I’m still testing the Ultrashocks. 

I didn’t go for the metalmags because penetration hasn’t been my issue for hunting. I was hoping for something with max expansion to give me stopping power that is similar to my 25 cal guns. 

What’s the quality like on the metalmags? Does the tips come off easily?